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Social Distancing Scoreboard

In this Social Distancing Scorecard, grades each state and county’s social distancing efforts by comparing mobility before and after COVID-19. Updated daily, this dashboard gives insight into how effective our communities have been in reducing travel and, in turn, slowing the spread of the virus.

Last updated: March 26, 2020

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Global COVID-19 Starter Workbook

We have created a downloadable workbook with a starter dashboard and an embedded connection to a clean Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Data Stream that combines WHO and CDC case data. Anyone can blend their own data with this workbook to better understand the impact on their organization.

JHU Data Stream is updated daily at 11 p.m. EST
We added county level data for the U.S.

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.Hyper File

  • Refreshed daily by 9:00am EST
  • You can direct download a .hyper file from, which takes advantage of the improved data engine, supporting faster analytical and query performance for larger data sets.

.CSV File

  • |
  • Refreshed daily by 9:00am EST
  • You can direct download a .CSV file from You can also leverage’s web data connector to allow you to easily pull data directly into Tableau to create visualizations.

Google Sheet

  • Refreshed daily by 9:00am EST
  • When using the Google Sheets connector, vizes hosted on Tableau Public are refreshed once per day. Note: Google Sheets may experience periodic outages during times of peak usage.

Technical details

The JHU Coronavirus Data Stream includes reported cases at the country level and province/state in select countries. Drawing from the JHU CSSE github repository, this cleaned (ISO-8601 date format), unioned & unpivoted dataset is updated daily. Full information on the data sources available .

Viz responsibly

As you use data around this outbreak, it’s important to remember that, while it consists of data from trusted sources, it’s difficult to estimate an accurate count for the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide because of the vastly different approaches to both testing and reporting. Also remember, even data visualizations based on accurate data can be misleading.

Read more about data viz best practices related to COVID-19 and 10 considerations before you create another chart about COVID-19.

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We invite you to join this forum for data and analytics on the rapidly-changing COVID-19 situation. This is a space for collaboration, sharing of resources and feedback, and to pose your own questions. We expect all users of the forums to abide by the Code of Conduct

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Additional data sources

Global database of scientific findings on

COVID-19 Data Research repository from
Johns Hopkins University

Build for novel coronavirus COVID-19
2019久久久高清456 data set on Github

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